99 Preston St.  Wakefield, MA 01880
We offer a complete 1,000 hour course in cosmetology.  The
cosmetology curriculum consists of classes in skin care, nail
technology, business, and all theory and advanced techniques in
hair artistry.
Hair's How,LLC Is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration of Cosmetology
Manicuring (including 12.5 hrs. of Artificial Nail Techniques)                                                     50
Hair Straightening and Permanent Waving                                                                              250
Shampooing                                                                                                                               25

Finger Waving                                                                                                                            50
Marcelling and All Iron Curls                                                                                                       45
Skin Care/Facial Grooming                                                                                                        80
Wig Instruction and Scalp Treatments                                                                                       50
Dyes and Bleaching (packs, tints, rinses, reconditioning)                                                        150
Hair Cutting                                                                                                                              125
Oral, Written and Practical Tests, Sterilization, Hygiene and Anatomy                                    125
Instruction and Lecture on Sanitation                                                                                        25
Ethics, Salesmanship, Courtesy and Conduct                                                                           25
Total:                                                                                                                                     1,000
Hair's How
Modern School of Beauty
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